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mSpy is one of the top mobile monitoring products available in the market, you can spy on any iPhone, iPad, android cell phone or android based tablet. It has more than 26 features, Best thing it runs in a stealth mode and offers lots of latest spying features such as GPs tracking and calls tracking etc. mSpy without rooting and non-jail broken monitoring solutions are also available.


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Best to Spy On

iPhones & iPads
Android Mobiles & Tablets

Features and Reporting

mSpy is the most popular monitoring and safety application in the market with millions of satisfied users around the globe. Its Hidden software loaded with lots of features can work on any Android and iPhone.mSpy Customer support is 24/7 available by Phone and email plus they are also providing the dedicated customer support and guide how to Root or jailbreak any iPhone and Android if you are not a tech geek.

  • Mostly, people had issue jailbreaking their iPhone but now mSpy non-Jailbreak solution is available in the market. All you need is the target mobile phone apple ID and password, you can view cell phone usage through mSpy dashboard.
  • Multiple device spying options of mSpy with 20% discount for buying 5 or more subscriptions is also available now.
    Keylogger – Best way to get all the passwords and search requests, there are few not so famous social apps those are not covered by any spying software but with mSpy Key-logger you can still read sent messages.
    With mSpy you can Spy on Viber, Facebook, Line, Skype, Chats, Calls, and Multimedia.
    If your mobile is stolen or lost, mSpy Device Wipe Out feature will help you erase your personal data. another feature which is called Lock Device will lock your mobile device and no one can unlock it but you.
    The new feature added by mSpy is Geo-Fencing, it means setting a virtual barrier so that when your target device enters the defined boundaries, you get a notification in your control panel.This feature is good especially for parents so they can simply mark a location where they don’t want their kids to go.


Spy On Calls

With this feature, you can view Mobile number who called your target device, number or calls made and duration of calls.

Track Text Messages:

This feature allows you to track and spy on text messages, you can actually read the SMS messages received or sent by your target phone, check the sender and receiver’s name and number.

Read Emails:

For android this feature works only for Gmail and for the iPhone Mail app, your phone must be jailbroken to use this feature, or you can use the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone by mSpy.

Track GPS Location:

mSpy allows you to keep an eye where ever your target device goes remotely, you can view their GPS location. All the data is sent to your control panel,
Its new Geo-Fencing feature is amazing which makes able to mark places as blacklist so when your target device enters into that place you get notifications in your control panel. This is best for parents for Tracking their kids.

Internet Usage and Blocking:

You can view the browsing history and books marks and best thing with mSpy monitor internet use feature is you can block certain websites to the target phone to use so they can’t access that website, for example blocking Facebook for employees on company-owned phones.

Track IM Chats:

SMS Monitoring is not enough these days and you have to spy on IM Chats to fulfill your monitoring urges,IM chats monitoring feature which works perfectly for so many famous and top apps, for example, Skype, Facebook, Line, Snapchat and now Tinder. You can monitor Chats, Calls and sent and received photos and videos.

Blocking Capability:

You can view and block any app to open on your target phone, you can also remotely lock the device so the user can not use the cell phone.


mSpy’s key-logging feature allows you to view all text entered on a monitored device, smartphone or tablet. You can view all keystrokes and check all logs in your control panel.

View Multimedia Files:

You can view the Photos and watch videos in your control panel those are saved on your target device.

Remote Control:

This is the so far best feature by mSpy and you can lock the device so a user can’t use it, and if the device got stolen you can simply wipe out all the data.

Customer Support:

mSpy is known to offer a quite speedy support in case a client needs it. Their support team is ready to answer any inquiries 24/7. They also have Toll free number where they can be reached easily in case of any problem. They also offer Live Chat support. Among the similar applications, mSpy can be considered as the one having an exceptional support team, They are also offering a personal dedicated support with some nominal charges.

Price And Quality:

This application price starts from $39.99 for a Basic 1-month package, and $59 for three months. But to enjoy more features you will need to buy a premium package which monthly costs $119.99 . It’s not a cheap product, but it’s the best product in the market if you are looking for quality.

mSpy Does Not Support:

Regular cell phones
Bada OS and any other OSs

No Jail Break Required Solution

mSpy offers solution for jailbreak and no-jailbreak iPhones , for jail-break iPhone you need to install app on the target phone but for non-jailbreak iPhone just Obtain the iCloud credentials of the target iOs device and monitor it remotely. Features are limited in this option, but it works perfect and fulfil all your monitoring needs. mSpy-Without-Jailbreak


mSpy is a very good mobile monitoring app which provides you all the data to meet your mobile monitoring needs, it runs in a Stealth Mode and powerful spying features are second to none, in recent months they have improved a lot and just added Facebook spying as well, Key-logger is a rare feature provided by this monitoring app which gives you power to monitor every keystroke and even apps those are not famous you can still read sent messages! Non jail-break solution is available and many features work without rooting the android device, Price is also very competitive. It’s a good app in all ways. We highly recommend mSpy.
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8 thoughts on “mSpy Review

  1. Jacob Williamm says:

    Here’s what I liked about MSpy that a lot of apps do not have: a remote control. Who knew I could remotely operate a phone. They do need to work to make it better, but it’s great even now.

  2. Billy says:

    I have to start off by saying that this application is awesome. I didn’t know software like this existed until a friend told me about it and I am very thankful they did. It allows me to track my employee’s phones to make sure they are using our company phones for business purposes only. It grants me access to emails, text messages and calls, among many other things. This product is definitely a life and money saver!

  3. Sarah says:

    it does not work on my Nokia phone.i tried installing this app mspy on my phone but even link is not working.please help.

    1. admin says:

      they do not support Nokia or bada phones. please read the review carefully before making the purchase. thanks

  4. Marcus Harman says:

    I was wondering how to spy a cell phone but then I visited this website and checked mSpy reviews and bought the subscription as I had doubt my girlfriend was not loyal, my doubt was right and I’m still using mSpy yearly subscription for monitoring. Thanks for guidance guys I appreciate.

  5. Amanda says:

    I ordered the product for a month and It did it everything I needed .I did have some issues several times ,called support and they fixed it for me .They helped me to login for the first time and help me to install it .And helped me to erase it when my subscription was over .So I liked it and keep up the good job!

  6. Remedios Guilas says:

    How much and where can i place my order?

    1. admin says:

      click on the mSpy banner and buy from their website.


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